Posted by Dick Wareham


This October 24th. marked our 5th Inclusive Employer Awards Event. Another resounding success.
The Organizing committee represents a unique partnership of organizations  that are intent on expanding opportunities for persons with disabilities. The group is :  The Rotary Club of Surrey, Community Living BC,  Milieu Family services, The Neil Squire Society , The City of Surrey and Wise employment solutions.
Back in 2013 we joined with Community Living BC (CLBC), The City of Surrey,
Milieu Community Services to create an event to host Mark Wafer an owner of Seven Tim Horton’s franchises in Toronto speak on the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities
to celebrate Community Living month in BC.

As we cleaned up at the end of the evening the organizing groups decided this was the beginning of a great opportunity and Inspired by Mark’s message, this unique partnership and organizing committee was formed between Community Living BC (CLBC), Rotary Club of Surrey, City of Surrey (Measuring Up Committee) and Milieu Family Services. Building on this momentum, the organizing committee began planning for an inaugural awards event for 2014.

Each year we recognize Employers who have shown that they are Inclusive in their employment practices.  Nominations are received from the public for Employers in 5 categories

Micro-Enterprise [Less than 10 employees]
Small Business [11- 50 employees]
Medium Business [51-100 employees]
Large Business [101+ employees]
Not for Profit
and we select one Non-Profit group furthering Inclusive support to receive a $1,000 Cash Award.
Our website that details the history ,Recipients of awards and links for purchase of tickets
For this years event is