Christina Grammenos the Community Engagement Coordinator with Aunt Leah's Place attended our Meeting May 24th to tell us about a new program under the Aunt Leah's Place umbrella.  FRIENDLY LANDLORD NETWORK
The focus of the Friendly Landlord Network is to Connect youth who are aging out of government care programs to Safe and affordable Rental Housing that will enable them to maximize their potential. Individual single bedroom units are what is needed so the Youth has a space that is theirs that they can call home. Having spent the first 19 years of their lives bouncing from Group homes to foster care they need to get some balance in their life so they can work on their futures.
Safe affordable housing is the key to providing a solid base so that they can focus on education and employment and not on finding a place to sleep. 
This program has pulled together 10 other agencies to provide a holistic approach to assisting these youths that have been set adrift to find their way with no financial or emotional support and very little in life skills.
The Friendly Landlord Network will work with the youth to find  Educational and or Employment opportunities and appropriate life skills programs to set the individual on the path to success.
Without programs such as this the now displaced youth will flounder and become part of the homeless community with little opportunity to reach their real potential.
How can you help ?
Spread the word ... Find contacts that can assist....Find single bedroom units available for rent.
Here is the link to the webpage for the program and many other programs offered by Aunt Leah's Place
President Elect Lahkjit Sarang presenting Christina with a token of our appreciation for taking time to inform
us of this program and raising our awareness of the needs of youth aging out of govt supported care.