Thursday March 22nd 2018 will be noted as a significant date in the history of the Rotary Club of Surrey.
The night representatives from the Rotary Club of Surrey and the the Rotary Club of Surrey-Guildford got together to explore a joint relationship.  
A total of 10 Rotarians met.Four from Surrey (John Edwards,Bryce McElroy,Deane Gurney and Dick Wareham)and 6 ,members from Surrey-Guildford. (Norman Gluck -President,Art Claxton,Ashok Bhagnari
We exchanged notes on our current club projects ,Active Membership numbers and meeting schedules.
The group concluded it would be in both clubs best interest to proceed to explore a joint relationship and between now and July 1st work in tandem meeting together and working on projects as One. A 6 person committee three members of each club would continue to flesh out a meeting Schedule and programs for the balance of this Rotary year.  John Edwards,Bryce McElroy,Deane Gurney would represent our club.
It was agreed that initially we would hold all general and business meetings at Ricky's All day Grill 8958 152nd Street. It was further agreed that we would have 3 scheduled meetings a month. One Dinner,One Breakfast and One Social event. 
The initial schedule is as follows: 
Social Night   Thursday March 29th. 6:30 pm at the  Big Ridge Brewing Co. 5580 152 St, Surrey 
Joint Business meeting  Thursday April 5th. 6:15 pm at Ricky's All day Grill 8958 152nd Street,Surrey
General Meeting Thursday April 19th. 7;15 am at Ricky's All day Grill 8958 152nd Street,Surrey
More to come from the committee.. Stay tuned.