On February 28th. 2019 our featured presenter was Ramona Kaptyn.
Ramona is the President of the Surrey / White Rock chapter of CARP - the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.  Ramona introduced herself with her extensive Bio.
CARP is her current focus and she provided us with a detailed filled presentation on CARP, which currently has a membership over 300,000.  The annual membership fee is $19.95.  There is no age limit, but most benefits are for seniors  from ages 50 and up.
Ramona said that she likes to say retired people do not get holidays and weekends, and CARP gives retired persons a lot to engage with.  CARP is an advocacy group advocating for Retired Persons. Members get a large number of discounts for services and programs such as Health 360 that puts all your medical information on line for access worldwide.

Some highlights of CARP's history and advocacy:
CARP started in 1976 but did not become active till 1984.  
In 1985 they advocated against proposed changes to RRSP tax rules and won. 
In 1989 they fought off Govt. who planned to claw back OAS.  
In 2007 CARP was instrumental in getting Pension Splitting approved. 
In 2012 CARP secures the repeal of mandatory retirement.

In 2018 CARP secures the rollback of the Age of OAS eligibility.

Currently, CARP’S agenda includes abolishing mandatory RRIF withdrawals, plus many other initiatives to enhance the lives of seniors.

Here is a link to the CARP website :  http://www.carp.ca
President John Edwards and Anup Jubbal presented Ramona with a certificate confirming a donation to Canadian Eyesight Global in her name as a thank you for providing us with the information on CARP.