President Meghan's Thought for the Day
Jeannie's photo
Anthony had great news for us.....our Gaming Grant came through.  Thanks for all the hard work.
Thank you to Alistair, and his committee, Stephanie, Michael, Mike, Ian and Linda for all the work.  It is truly amazing.
It will be launched soon......Thank you Alistair......
Innervisions BBQ......thank you Ian for the write-up
On Thursday July 10th RCPM once again gathered up its utensils, aprons
and BBQs and with a COVID friendly group of volunteers set about
cooking lunch for the InnerVisions crew. In between cloud bursts the
sky cleared long enough to have a rain free event and as you would
expect a good time was had by all.
The InnerVisons BBQ is one of those things, that, like pie days and
Christmas decorations at the manor, is a staple "feel good" service
for our club. It's an inspiration to see a group of young men from all
over BC (PG, Cranbrook, Ft St John, Van Island as well as lower
mainland) that have taken the courageous step of admitting temporary defeat; of
admitting an addiction problem and setting about making it right. It takes
a lot of courage and perseverance to stick with it.. something to
be admired.....they in turn sincerely appreciated the efforts of our
club..a good win win. Hats off to this team of volunteers to make it happen:
Linda, Frank, Danne, Navid, Bill, Ian, Terry & Dan and the club
support behind it.
A great team came to clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  Thanks to everyone who came to help out.  Many hands makes light work.  
We got everyone in the photos except Susan.  Thanks to Alan, Bill, Dave, Terry, Cleone, Coreen, Susan, Aziz and Linda.