SHRED-A-THON......and why we do it 
It was such an exciting day and it seemed to just fly much work by so many people.....Our Rotary Club is amazing.  It was great to see everyone in person to laugh and talk to each other.  Thanks again to everyone who helped in one way or another.
We could not do this without our partnership with The City of Port Moody, Tri-City News and BEST SHREDDING who once again went above and beyond the call of duty.  Coquitlam Signs, Canadian Tire and Port Moody Foundation also helped make this a huge success.
BUT most of all.....this is why we do this.....
Just a couple of photos......look at our photo album [2021 SHRED-A-THON] and when I figure out how to turn those photos around we will be laughing.....
Stephanie :Our bin 'diver'.....AND she will never go to Dental school
Everyone took turns breaking down the cardboard... Here is Danne & John
Guess who is collecting bottles?  Thanks Bill
The only time that they rested - Christine & Mike, Dan, Alan & Ian
Peter & Michael collected all the donations......well done
Gayle dumpster diving too.
Trish our happy money counter......
There are loads more photos.  Thank you everyone for working so hard. Sore muscles, sore backs, nails broken, voices strained, a little blood, but Happy Happy Hearts.