Two weeks ago we learned what made TRISH tick.......Oh my goodness what a full life she has already lived and we can't wait to hear about more adventures.  We are blessed to have Trish and Ian in our Rotary Club.  What a great team they make !!!!  Thanks for a fantastic presentation Trish.
Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for:
Claire:  Grateful for the Granville Island Turkey Trot 10km with Sophie! 
Linda :Grateful for family and friends - Thankful Jill & Kate came to visit in AZ & for the Shutterfly book Jill made for us:
Steve & Lauralea :  Grateful for their 5th wheel......
Trip to Hicks Lake. Lexie has lots of play time with our neighbours who were camping there as well. She was so tired from playing with the girls for 3 days that she couldn’t hold up her tail.  She has almost recovered from the wonderful time she had there.  Our pizza oven works so well and it was a great idea as an anniversary gift for us. 
Cleone:  We are all thankful for Jeannie's photos.
Bill:  Pumpkin pie with rum and orange zest at the Lawrie Thanksgiving table!
Linda:  Thankful for this beautiful poem


By Tabasom Eblaghie

Today is the oldest I have ever been

And the youngest I will ever be

I will move ahead with these words of promise

An agreement to move towards the best version of me

I promise to be gentle with my younger self

And to leave the past in the past

Decisions made and paths taken are forgiven

I did the best I could with what I knew back then

I promise to be kind to my older self

To make small choices today, tiny little steps

To lead to a healthier, wiser version of me

I am each choice I make, and I will choose well

I promise my soul to live an authentic life

Not one filled with apologies, excuses and anxieties

Nor one led by seeking the approval of Perfectionism and others

But rather one led by pursuing the approval of my Creator

I promise my heart to move towards Love

Towards the crossroads where Justice meets Kindness

Where logic of a wise mind can agree with the radiance of a loving heart

Not just for others, but to protect my most noble self

I will gaze upwards with my feet firmly grounded

In the knowledge of who I am and what I stand for

Today is the oldest I have ever been

And the youngest I will ever be.

If not today, then when?

Rotary Meeting October 7, 2020 - Thank you to Bill for taking notes....

Meeting chaired this week by Michael Berrisford

Quote: “A good head and a good heart are a formidable combination but when you add to that a literate tongue and pen then you have something very special”

Westhill Park Rehab discussed.

Glen gave an update on International containers for Belize and Kenya

Anthony is following up on gaming grant application.

Aziz reminded us that October is POLIO Month and Cleone, who was just driving home, advised she will have a fundraiser plan for our next meeting.

Our guest speaker Lois advised Meghan she would not be able to make our meeting so has been re-scheduled to November 4th.

As “guest conductor” Michael filled in with his “what makes Michael tick” talk.

Born in 1957 in South Africa. Loved hiking from early on and showed pictures of his first hiking boots with screw on cleats. In those days in S.A. young me had to serve for 2 years in either the military or police--he chose to serve with Police and stayed on as a career for 22 years..

Married, had 2 sons, built his own house, went hot air ballooning. Milk was delivered by a milkman with a horse drawn cart. Spent the next 22 years discovering himself enjoying wine, classic cars and nature. Instrumental in 2 hiking clubs. He “worked to hike”.

Working for the police overlapped with the introduction of computers to policing plus constant upgrading. He loved the computer side of things and turned it into his ongoing career.

His son Kyle died in August 2015. Kyle was involved with brewing and selling mead at a number of breweries and he was pleased to advise us it is still being sold in pubs.

Good news came into his life when he met Coreen and they married in 2018. Thanks, Michael, for a great talk. We all learned a lot more about you.

Port Moody Arts Centre
Mirna Gallery Assistant. The Winter Treasures event and exhibition is coming up on Nov.12th.
You may find more information on the event here:

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World Polio Day.....October 24, 2020
Bill sent:  Home Covid Test
Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd this Saturday, October 17......
Come one come all......the more the merrier.
Meet at Gallaghers at 9:00AM and have coffee after.....
Thank you Alan for organizing