It's so great to hear from a lot of you.  Please send your quarantine photos to share.  Thanks
Linda ;o)
Gayle & Bob are troopers,  sun, rain, sleet, snow or hail you will find them in Bert Flinn Park.  Fun times staying 6' apart.  Kari, George and Linda 
GB's project headboard.....Love it
Our Treasurer Michael at work.....Berrisfords IT Services
PP Mike is very busy......Here is what he is up to and we all wish you well too.
I’m in the office about 90% of the time now, 10% at home.  Can’t get away from the office because of things that still need face to face signing – wills, powers of attorney, real estate closings, cheques.  Missing Rotary but business has entered a very challenging phase right now with coordinating distance working for 30 staff and all the quirks that comes with, plus dealing with the shift in business needs at the moment.  Hope everyone is doing well.
BTM Lawyers LLP
530 – 130 Brew St
Port Moody, BC  V3H 0E3
Dave Stone.  Sounds like he and Cathy are very busy too.
Cathy reads a book a day.  I have been spending my time fixing some of my old photographs now that I’m housebound.  Cathy has several projects going including editing that she does professionally.
Here’s my latest photo.  It’s a photo I took as I walked along Shoreline Trail last year.   Great photo Dave !!!
Stay safe.
Michael working on computers at RWH
Dan helping with the Kenya project after he went for another pick up run and before he went back again to help Darrell. AMAZING MAN
Cleone singing with her niece Sandra, who now has no worker because of the virus.
Jeannie editing photos while walking the dykes in the sunshine
Yvonne wrote:  
On Tuesday Night we send a lovely night together, we had supper and then we played a games of yahtzee
Rotary World Help had a significant inventory of scrubs, gowns and other linen. Today working with Darrell input I delivered two skids to two of their facilities - one at Riverview and the other in Maple Ridge. This now exhausts our inventory after providing some to St Pauls and VGH.
from Peter: 
I too miss our clubs camaraderie and the Hugs.
Here are some pictures. Cindy has been doing lots of baking and making bread from our new “Bread Maker”
Plus reading lots of books
I always wanted to sort out our “EarthQuake Kit” to know what we have stored in it, so there is the list.
Lastly I have installed two glass doors between our Dinning room and Kitchen and Family room and Hallway
Need to finish caulking etc. so they are ready for painting. Hope these pics help?
We stopped by to say hi to Gary 
Not a picture of me.  But adapting in Port Moody.  Curbside delivery. Getting our crostata fix.  

Now we know that Michael does way more than sit at his computers....