President Meghan's thought for the week
Jeannie's photo. - Jellyfish
President Meghan gave out Rotary of the Month pins to:
Gayle:  For all the work she does in the club and for the Community Grants
Brian:  for Leading the Westhill project
Alistair :  Stepping up as a new member offering to do our website and help with Westhill
Peter:  Leading the Westhill 'roof' project
Stephanie:  Again stepping up as a new member, helping with website, clean up and Westhill
Susan:  Starting the book club
Linda ......just cause [thank you]
District Awards
June 5th - SHRED-A-THON - Port Moody City Hall at  9:00 - 3:00 pm
Volunteers start at 8:15 am
June 10th - Thursday  - BBQ for Innervisons at Prairie Ave.
June 24th - Virtual Installation night. 
Westhill Loop Trail -
Peter is going to put the cap on the roof and came for instructions on the safety belt.....
AND Peter was 'on the roof' [ with Danne's help] and it is now completed
The entrance-way is now totally finished. I installed the Satin-Coat Cap Flashing, with Danne’s help.,
this morning. (Satin coated S/M will protect the cedar shingles from a moss build-up). AND as always there is a story to be told:  lol. 
Claire interviewed Brian at Westhill and posted on Facebook.  Great job both of you.  Claire has a real talent for this.
Our New Number is:  
123 1234567
Should be easier to remember. Write it down and keep in your wallet.  Please pass it along to friends. Please do not use the old number any more.  Thanks Mike and Al for changing this.