Posted by Linda Balzer on Nov 14, 2019
We had a 'no show' speaker this week, but that didn't stop Darrell from making this an excellent meeting.  Darrell you are amazing !!!
Thank you to PP Alan, Dan G and PP Gayle for sharing  'quick' classification talks.  Now we all know you much better.
Alan - 29 years in Rotary
Dan - Just completed 39 years. Joined in Saskatoon in the fall of 1980.
Gayle - sorry Gayle I didn't take your photo at Rotary ....Plus  Congratulations to Gayle.  Again President Cleone is wonderful acknowledging members for the good work they do.  Gayle received a pin today for taking care of the 'Heart of Rotary'.  A card went around at the meeting to wish past member Steve Gable health.....  Thanks Gayle.  20 years in Rotary
It was great to see fellow Rotarian Navid out again
And of course we love to see Ann'e' with an E come to visit with our Ann.....
We have lots of opportunities to volunteer this Christmas Season. Sign up 'on line' through Club Runner.   Please come out and help with the Inner Visions Chili lunch, December 5th, The Christmas Train, December 17th, Peter has the list & the Manor Christmas Party, December 15th
Also sign up for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner on November 22nd.  What a great way to get to know your Fellow Rotarians better. [Gary has the list]
President Cleone is so good at recognizing our Rotary members and this week she recognized a newer member for always showing up.  Jason Lyne comes to Rotary, even though he is a very busy guy and always has the best smile.  Congratulations Jason, we are grateful you are in our Rotary Club. 
Foundation dinner was a great success and thank you to all the members of our Rotary Club who attended.  Thanks to Brian & Anthony for the photos.
Ian's year - These are the Presidents from Ian's year [and the photo bomber]
Great group from our Club - Darrell, Anthony, Ian, Cleone, Brian, Dan & Alan.  Gary is not in the photo...
We were presented with 2 awards.
1 for the Polio Fundraiser we did for 'End Polio Now'
And the other one for having 100% participation for Foundation giving
Lots of fun Happy Dollars.....
Mike told us about his 'singing' at the Belcarra Remembrance Day service.  Apparently he thought he was Gary Wiggins.
Brian said the car show raised over $24 K
Claire reminded us that it is World Kindness Day
Gary had a sad dollar because he couldn't remember what he was happy about
Happy Birthday song to Cleone and to GB
Eagle Ridge Christmas Decorating
Have a look at the photo album for 2019 Christmas Decorating at the Manor
Thanks to Peter for organizing and to all those who came to help out.
Cleone our President, her friends, Rotaracts and lots of Rotarians and partners did an amazing job of making the  Manor rooms and hallways truly festive.
The lights on the Back Patio"s Trestle look great after Dan Gallant and Crew replaced several strands with new ones.
The garden area now has new lights on the small christmas tree in the centre flower-bed and on the pagoda supports.   Thanks to Bill Lawrie  and Crew
The front of the main building was more of a challenge this year, due to replacing several strands of non working lights. 
But after Ian MacPhail and Mike Clay got new light rolls, we were able to add more to the Trees by the entrance and the entire length of the Manor building. Thanks Alan K. for setting up all the timers.
Thank yous go to the guys working in the rain:-
Our Club should recognize DAVE THORPE from CMJ S/M for the many years of delivering and picking up the ladders for us.
Additionally CANADIAN TIRE in Coquitlam for donating a 100ft of new Christmas lights etc.