After the last Golden Spike Gary wrote: 
What a great club we have. Thank you to everyone for all you do. Looks like the Guess Who was a great success, much to my surprise because I can't get my head around all this technical stuff. Kudos to the organizers. 
Keep safe all. 
Wheelchairs -  Help someone in need.
Gayle donated her District Conference money to the Wheelchair Foundation.  

The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation/ Fondation Chaise Roulante Canada (CWF) is an independent Canadian registered charity dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities
  • Delivering mobility into the lives of children, teens and adults in the world who have no means to acquire a wheelchair
  • Transforming lives through mobility, and with it giving to all those deprived of it by war, disease, accident, natural disaster and advanced age, independence, dignity, hope and opportunity

With the support of our Canadian and international partners and the generosity of independent sponsors CWF is transforming lives throughout the world -- one wheelchair at a time.

Their website is: if you would like to do the same.  Way to go Gayle !!!


More photos of making masks: Coreen

How many people does it take to install a dishwasher?  Michael & Andy

Great smile .....Enjoy your new dishwasher !!!!

I just wanted to greet you and let you know Hazel and I surviving this epidemic quite nicely and trust you are too.  We still like each other.  I do miss the weekly physical contact and am patiently awaiting the time when can meet again. 
Also, please know that my cell phone is not working. I dropped it in a bowl of water, I’m too embarrassed to tell  you what bowl, but suffice it to say after attempts to dry it out it still does not work. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the Apple store to open until I can get a new one.  

Here is a challenge for you to do.  Let us know how you are doing.. Come on I know a few of you will do this.....
OK President Cleone, where are you with this Challenge !!!
Found a great spot to camp for the weekend with self isolation. 

79 Years Young - Bob after their 2 hour hike
Brian is working it these days.....Way to go Brian
Peter and Cindy have been busy too:
Peter changing his lights out on the deck
They added 2 glass doors - look great.
Coreen & Michael - Enjoying the view
We have a few people in our club struggling with health issues. If you have time to reach out, send a note or make a phone call.  That is what our Rotary Club of Port Moody is all about.
Please think of these members and I hope I have not forgotten anyone .
Gary, Jeannie, Yvonne, Patty and Ann, Isy & Vida.  [Peter's hip is doing well]
Bob & Gayle found these Dogwood blossoms on their hike
Let's play another game !!!!