Summer is here.....Enjoy each day
Happy 4th of July to all our American family and friends.
Coreen getting ready to make up our BBQ Canada Day Packs ……
Heritage Mountain Blvd. Clean-up
We are restarting the cleanup of Heritage Mountain Blvd.
July 11th
Start at 9:00 am
Meet at Gallagher's coffee shop
Usually takes less than one hour - meet up again for a social distanced coffee after completing the clean up.
Everyone is welcome - the more the merrier
Great way to get some exercise and interact with fellow Rotarians
Thanks to PP Alan for organizing us.
Steve:  Staying Safe on the water with Lexie and enjoying Lauralea’s first week of retirement.  Police Boat rescued 2 paddlers who were out in rough water conditions.  Lucky to have been picked up before something worse could have happened.  
Cleone thanking Bonnie for space in Kenyan container
Cleone's son's wedding.....Dressed by the hospital staff for a drive-by surprise honking, balloon filled parade of hospital staff the eve of Cleone's son's wedding.  Everyone got cupcakes.
Cleone:  Jasper was so beautiful as I drove to son's wedding.  I remember hiking up the the top of the cliff face on Roche Miette
 PP Al:  11.5 hours on the bike Sunday (Kathy stayed home)
Duffy lake loop

Pictures are Fraser River lillooet
Our first Board meeting of the year at Rocky Point Park.  Thank you to Glen for taking the photos.
President Meghan did a great job chairing the meeting.  Would be great to have more meetings in the park.  Thoughts?