Our virtual meeting went well.  Thank you to Coreen & Michael for all you do for our Rotary Club.
Here are just 3 of us:  Thanks Yvonne for the photos
It is great to hear from everyone.  Stay positive, this will not last forever.  We can make phone calls, Face Time calls etc. to keep in touch.
Darrell was extremely grateful for all the masks that our Rotary Club and friends of Rotary made.
We are looking for ideas to help out in the community. One of the ideas is to partner with a company making hand sanitizers..  Do you have any suggestions ?  Please let President Cleone know.  
Thank you Bill.  When you order from any of the resturants that have helped make our FUNDRAISERS a success, please let them know that you are grateful for the help they have given Rotary over the year.
St. James' Well
Saint Street Grill
Pasta Polo
Rocky Point Ice Cream
Brewers Row
Westwood Golf
Taylight Brewery POCO
Foamers Folly Pitt Meadows
Browns Port Moody
Patina Brewing - Port Coquitlam
Woking Dragon
Giggle Dam
Me & Ed's Pizza - Port Coquitlam
John B Pub
Hard Rock Casino
Cobb's Bread
Danne has been busy.....very cool 
No this isn’t Mexico (clothes might give that away). Its the beach on shoreline walk from Rocky Point to Pleasantside…marvellous! About 3.6 miles round trip…challenging here and there but mostly flat…great way to some fresh air! Port Moody should be proud! We parked the car at the Rec Centre.
Andy playing Pin Ball
Funny & True
Working on spelling our names! 
Stamps first then writing.
Guess Who's Calling for Dinner?
These are the groups.....

1. Coreen & Michael

a.      Patty and Don

b.      John and Cheryl

c.      Bill and Jackie 


2.      Trish & Ian

a.      Paul

b.      Yvonne and Andy

c.      Gladys

d.      Jeannie


3.      Cleone

a.      Mobina 

b.      Kay and  Roy (couldn't get on)

c.      Brian and Kelly

d.      Peter and Cindy

Looks like everyone had a good time.
We are all trying to be creative in these terrible times of social distancing! Last night our Rotary Club had a Guess Who is Calling for dinner on zoom! I had dinner with a great group where we chatted about many topics which I will not divulge here ha! We also played a fun game and we learned a lot about each other! Thank you all for spending time with me, it seemed like we were in the same room! I wore one of my fascinators and Ian wore his tux! Such fun! Thank you all!
Bill said:  
Sorry we couldn't seem to connect properly this time--hopefully we will have another chance maybe next month.
Just so you know, our menu was/is
Caesar salad with freshly grated parmesan cheese
Braised short ribs in red wine sauce with Yukon Gold potato/cauliflower mash and oven roasted asparagus
Eton mess dessert Meringue with a raspberry sauce, strawberries and whipping cream.
Tooo bad you're not here!!
PS lots of BC red wine too
Sounds like a fantastic meal !!!!
This is so true
Hockey Pool - Peter
and the winners are: 
The result is to END THE HOCKEY POOL
 PRIZES are TOP POINTS (8080)    
CROWJO- John  Crowther.                          = $350.00.
        2nd PIRZE           (79450 )   BURNHAM BRAWLERS-Darrell Burnham.      = $125.00
        Booby PRIZE.            (6445)    THE ISYGO'S -  Issy Beane                                         = $  29.00
Thanks Peter for all your work on this.  Always fun !!!
Glen reports:
Yah!!  I got my first Rotary E learning certificate.
Rotary now has a number of online courses and I thought a couple might be helpful for our Belize Trip (still hoping).  I just completed a course on "adult learners" and plan to take the one on group facilitation - both of these might be helpful to us.  I've attached my snazzy certificate of completion so you can all be envious....
The course was pretty straight forward (pretty simple), but the content is good.
Check it out at 
Alan K.
I’m still working, safe mountain bike rides and hanging out with Daisy.
Steve Witiuk
The sundeck is already for another year of relaxation 
[looks like a great place to party, just saying!!!]
Attached are some recent photos. Just baking some oat chocolate chip cookies!  
Also went out for some fresh air in the neighborhood trails.
Finally, Cooked some veggie biryani in our instant pot.
Bob's & Gayle's garden
It’s like being 16 again
Gas is cheap and I’m 
Daily hike in the fresh air.....beautiful
Gayle, Bob, Linda, George and Kari
Enjoying the home office while remembering the Humboldt Broncos.