Guest this week were:  
George Balzer & Clayton AndersonClayton is our parking Guru at RIBFEST and volunteer at other events.
Claire MacLean CEO Share Society (guest speaker]

Claire MacLean has been involved with SHARE Family and Community Services in the Tri-Cities for 4 Years. She and her husband are raising their family in Port Moody. SHARE Family and Community Services exists to Connect, Engage, and Strengthen Individuals and Families.

--Here for the entire community helping folks with vulnerabilities--

  1. Food Bank, Housing Services

  2. Services for parenting and children/youth services

  3. Around aging and social connectedness

  4. Newcomers, ESL, etc.

  5. Mental health, Substance abuse, etc.

--Thank you Rotary for help with fundraising (Christmas Train Hot Chocolate) and food Bank at Thrifty’s

--SHARE will be involved with the new YMCA facility being built as part of the Burquitlam developments. It will include affordable housing (43 housing) and 100 apartment units below market value PLUS 30 fully accessible units.

--working to transform the FOOD BANK to be more accomodating.

--program to react to urgent mental health issues--within 48 hours and appointment within 2 weeks. 

--working on ways to assist family health Dr.s -- not enough time to spend with patients, reduce burnout, nurse practitioners.

--New Children’s Centre under construction due to open end of 2021. Partnership with Saint Andrew’s United and Kinsite.

--Foundry is a new concept B.C. program offering 1-Stop Hub for Youth 12-24 years old. Provides counselling, mentoring, Doctors, and other services. SHARE has applied to be the lead agency for a Hub in   the Tri Cities during an upcoming second phase where there will be 6 new Hubs spread around the Province. 


--March 7th they will be holding their ‘Imagine” Fundraiser, their 15th annual. At the Hard Rock.  

President Cleone thanked Vida for all the good work she does for Day's for Girls and what an amazing mentor she is:

Rotary Areas of Focus: 

  1. Peace & conflict prevention/resolution

  2. Disease Prevention & Treatment

  3. Waste handling & sanitation

  4. Maternal & child health

  5. Basic education & literacy Economic & community development

 Gayle and Bob’s 57th anniversary. - Wishing you many many more Healthy & Happy years together!!!

  1. Club Installation night  June 25th (Thursday)

  2. Cleone thanked Glen for covering 1 week of her absence.

  3. Board Meeting was on  Feb. 24th at 7:00am

  4. New Members “meet and greet” Wednesday Feb. 26th at Pasta Polo. Our Club has 11 folks attending. Great way to meet new members from other clubs

  5. Rotary Leadership Institute March 7-8 Mt. Vernon.

  6. Cleone spoke about a new program to collect old I-Phones and tablets to send to Kenya. More info to follow

  7. Busy times coming up--preparing for Belize trip in April, SFPP (May 29th) and RIBFEST (July 17,18,19). Try to keep track of hours we spend to include in a yearly tally of hours volunteered.

  8. Our thoughts to Linda and George and to the Berrisfords

  9. Vida has been involved in Rotary since 1984 and is still actively involved with the “Days For Girls” in Africa and around the world