President Meghan thought for the week.....
Jeannie's photo of the week.....just beautiful....Mundy Park
Harriet Chang along with Amanda, Mason and Roxanne were our guest speakers.
We can all learn from these young students with their RAC - Real Acts of Caring....  THANK YOU for showing us that even the smallest good deed goes a very long way.
This movement started in Coquitlam and is now all around the country.
These are some of the ideas to do during this time........
Real Acts of Caring week is:  February 14-20.......Make a point of doing something kind for someone.....It WILL make a difference in their lives.
Rotary Gives a Ham, do YOU ? - Cleone will tell us more later - Fundraiser for Share
Brian has jumped in with both feet getting involved with our new directorship - Environment.  Thank you Brian and we look forward to the coming events.
Cleone also thanked all those who have helped with the meal train for Patty.  Patty feels your love and is very grateful.
Anthony reported that we should be hearing back about our grant application within a couple of weeks.
AG Al sent this:  being that we have seen a few cat tails... lol