Linda, great job on the positive Spike.  Kindness is contagious! 

Social distancing is really critical right now and we need to lead by example but we can have fun doing it. My kids are making me laugh as they joke around while we do a 30 day plank challenge with our cell phones on the floor. Walking with Jeannie and waving each other off as we get excited in our conversation and start approaching the 2 meter mark. Coreen sent me a great 21 day meditation challenge on abundance that is inspiring and we can send it to you if you like.

 Our club is planning to have a virtual “Guess Who is Calling for Dinner”.  Invitations will be sent out later this week.

We need to support the health care system and try to flatten the curve by not meeting with more than 5 people but that does not mean we have stopped doing the Rotary work! Meghan and Coreen hosted our first Wednesday video conferencing meeting. Alan K and Peter have been doing the work to postpone Search for the Perfect Pint. The 4 M’s and team are setting things up for RIBFEST for July but if it needs to be postponed or cancelled a lot of work will already be done. Ian and team continue to work on the Legacy Project.

We have to think creatively how we can help in the community. Vida is busy sewing masks. Peter and Danne can’t read at the manor or bring them pies right now but we did lend them the lap tops from the Belize project that they can use to keep in touch with their loved ones. We lent the Purell stations from RIBFEST to the Food Bank. They were verrrrry happy!

We are continuing our international work as well. Al S, Glen and team are preparing for the Belize trip that has been moved to November. Danne and I packed up educational toys to go with the books, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and piano that will go to Kenya. Meanwhile Michael B is preparing the computers to go with them.

Now those are the things that I know about….. Send Linda and I the project or project ideas that we have missed. Send in ideas as well on how to make the most of these times and support our loved ones and the community

 Have a few members reach out to those in need, especially your older members, and offer to pick up essentials from the grocery store and deliver to them as well as prescriptions if needed, etc.

  • Take a look at your social networks to see where people are seeking help.  For example, a manager of a senior living center posted a simple plea for help with toilet paper.  A Rotarian texted him back and 10 minutes later a case of TP was left at his entrance and he asked what other shopping he might provide. These are the acts of kindness Rotary should be doing.
  • Start a dialog between members about things needed.  For example:  I have plenty of T.P., bleach, etc.  Encourage participants to ASK if they are in need of something by simply hitting reply all on the email, to encourage people to stay home as much as possible.
  • Students are home, younger parents have to work, if they are not telecommuting.  Consider a helping hand or just a simple voice of support.  Healthy older youth might be available for sitting or taking children outside to provide breaks while still practicing safe distancing.  Young parents are stressed with work and family obligations confronting them.  We can help reduce that stress through our acts of kindness.  They are not alone in this journey.
  • Stay connected by posting Club news on the District Facebook page (@rotary5050) and keep members in your club and other clubs update to date.
  • Consider donating blood as health care systems in BC and WA need blood.  Platelets can only be stored for 7 days and are needed to stop bleeding and are essential for those fighting cancer, disease and traumatic injuries.
  • District Leaders are meeting regularly to help develop the latest information on Rotary to pass along to your club presidents on where to help, different options to meet virtually, projects to consider.  

Supporting each other and  but that does not mean we can’t have fun doing it! 

Tonight at 7 different high rises are going out onto their balconies to make noise for the health care workers. We need to help protect them.  This is going to be done at 7:00pm every night for the next while.  Get out your pots and wooden spoons and make some noise

We are lucky that we live at a time when we can are able to do video conferencing.

Right now is it the time to keep in contact and keep each other’s spirits up.  We are sooooo lucky to have the ability to so.

You are amazing !!!!