Please note:  This message is for all our FRIENDS of Rotary and Past Members.  We will not be holding weekly meetings for awhile.  I will be sending out a Golden Spike each week to our 'members' and to those of you who request that you would like to stay in touch.  Please let me know if you would like to still receive our Golden Spike and I will keep you on the list.  Other than that, stay safe, stay home and enjoy all the good that we have.
We had our Board meeting on Monday morning via phone conference......It went well......
Everyone gave their reports and discussion on whether or not we should have our 'weekly meetings' was the main focus.  The decision was made that we will NOT hold our weekly meetings and we will discuss at our next Board meeting [ April 20] when we will start up again.  We will have conference meetings every week and we will see how that goes.  
We will miss each other so please 'stay in touch'.  We will be sending out the Golden Spike each week to our members so we can keep 'in touch' that way.
Because we will miss all of you very much, I would like you to please send me updates on your lives [as we would for Happy Dollars]. Send photos, updates etc on what is going on with you.  I will only be sending this to our Club Members Friends of Rotary and past members who request that they want to 'stay in touch'.   How is your family handling this Virus?  Send photos of what you are doing to keep life 'as normal' as you can.  
We are a very strong Rotary Club and we would like to make sure that our members are well taken care of.  If you need 'anything', please let me know and we will make sure you are taken care of.  I really mean that......We have so many people that are willing to go out and help, so PLEASE let us know when you need something.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like in the Spike, please let us know.  We are 'in this together'......
Remember this is what is we DO have.
Don't forget to send your photos.
This is what we do every day....Enjoy the forest and fresh air.
With the opportunity for face to face communication diminished over the next several weeks we are all looking for ways to stay in touch, feel connected and to advance the work of Rotary.  Social Media can pick up a tiny bit of that slack.  If you are connected on Twitter, or are thinking about getting connected Twitter then follow us @PortMoodyRotary  We can talk about Rotary, Port Moody, our Rotarians, our friends and the work Rotary does around the world.  
Thanks for the follow...
by the way: