President Meghan's thought for the week
Jeannie's photo - The Rose
Belize update.......Thank you Al for the update on the Belize prison and how much the inmates are enjoying learning.  Our Rotary Club should be very proud how we have helped this country. 
Send your favourite RECIPES I know you are all cooking at home.  We have some good ones.....Check them out.
Don't forget.......
When you go to Port Moody Liquor to buy your favourite beverages tell them to give credit to
Port Moody Rotary Club.
THEN take your empties to Return-it with this number on it 6047899849 and our Rotary Club will get credit for the bottles
Al sent this:
We were issued a Corp membership number, but when you go in to use the express kiosk you need
to enter in the following number 6047899849.
Sorry for any confusion.
The kiosk will print labels that you attach to the bag. Dead easy and low touch.
I have attached a poster you can print out to remind yourself and share with your contacts.
100% of recycle fees are returned to our club.
Here are a few tips:

No Sorting Required

Simply bring your labelled bags filled with unsorted containers to an Express Depot and we'll do the rest.

Use Multiple Bags

Heavy bags can break open and are difficult to handle. We recommend mixing in no more than 12 glass bottles along with your other containers in each Express bag.

Bag Containers in Clear Bags

Transparent recycling bags or clear trash bags are available for purchase at many grocery stores, drug stores, or hardware stores


Pass this along to all your friends and family.......We can make a difference for SHARE
A huge THANK YOU to those that came out to help Clean Up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
Thanks to PP Alan for organizing.
And a big THANK YOU to Dave Cooke who posted on the Port Moody Community Group FB page.  We had 15 comments and 1 share.  Way to go Rotary Club of Port Moody and thank you Dave Cooke.
Thank you to Micheal for the Ntsika project in Grahamstown, SA.  It is now finished.