Great excitement in the air at our last meeting.
Nice to see so many guests this week
PP Ian's wife Trish MacPhail
Yvonne's husband Andy
Past member and Rotarian from Langley - Steve Gable [with Steve Witiuk]
George attended to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas
Always great to see past member Jim McGrandles come visit.
Three great projects presented today
Rotary Centre for Aging and Health - Glen
Rotary Sea to Mountain Trail - Al via Alan
YMCA - David
Share Christmas Train
IT DIDN'T RAIN!            We took in donations of $1, 156.20. !! !!
From the moment our Urns where hot, right on our scheduled "Go Time" (4:45pm), it was GO GO GO!
It did not stop until we actually ran out of Chocolate Mix.!
Thanks to Dan & Danne replenishing our 4 Hot Water containers from Browns S/H. They made several trips!
Thanks to Mike Clay, John Crowther for re- mixing our Urns, (I don't know how many times they did that?)  which were very quickly empty, due to hundreds of served Hot Chocolate cups that Kerry, Dan and I, gave to the long line of people patiently waiting to donate. 
Run by Steve Witiuk, Anthony, (our newest member) and Bill Lawrie , was less crazy, but they received
An amazingly generous donation of $100.00!!
AGAIN THANKS TO :Special Thanks to Kerry who suddenly turned up and started serving to the very end 
Dan G. Danne D.
Mike C. John C
Steve W. Bill L
Anthony & Ian  McPhail for taking Photo's of the action 
SPECIAL THANKS TO: "Rylie"of St. James Well for supplying both the Chocolate Mix & Cups
                                          "Chris" of Browns Social House Restaurant for the supply of Hot Water
                                          "Chris Leon" of the City of Port Moody, who organized the whole event!
Dan Gallant  & I were trying to remember how many times we have held this event, it has to be over 10??
Giving this fact, it is why we all became ROTARIANS, making some families Christmas a little bit Happier
Gayle & Gladys have become face painters - Vida you are a good teacher.