Posted by Linda Balzer on Dec 12, 2019
President Cleone was away and PP Mike ran our meeting.
Nice to see Fellow Rotarian Navid out to our meeting.
Legacy Projects are the subject of our meetings for a couple of weeks.  This week. PP's Ian and Alan presented the 'Inlet Park Expansion project'
And Mike presented 'Rotary Village'.
We have two great projects to think and ask questions about.  Please go to these members with any of your questions or comments to help us all make the correct decision.
Please keep Yvonne and her family in your prayers.  They lost their son Byron and now is no longer suffering and is in a better place.  Yvonne will need our support for the months ahead and especially during this Christmas season.
Heritage Mtn. Blvd is cleaner now.  Thanks to Darrell for organizing and for the team that showed up.  7 bags of Trash...
Just have a look at our President Cleone.....She is having a ball in Bangladesh !!!!