Innervisions Chili lunch this week......Thanks to Ian & Trish, Paul, Alan & Al for being the chefs and cooking at home to deliver this amazing lunch to these men who are changing their lives 'One Day at a Time'. Thanks to Ian for picking up the presents for Innervisions and to all of you who donated items for these men.  We had socks, toques, toothbrushes and toothpaste, floss, tissues, coffee mugs, & socks.  Will be fun for the men to open.
One chef Alan came to shop at Thrifty's....Gayle had the money and I was support.....
Thanks to Thrifty's for once again supporting this great cause.
Steve met up with the Interactors who have donated toques for Innervisions and our School project.
Interactors hit the news !!!
Nature is amazing.  Gayle sent this photo of a tree that the woodpeckers have been working very hard at.
Alan & Nadine sent this and I thought would be fun for you to work on:  Give it a try !!!
Rotary in the News !!!!
Please send all your positive thoughts and prayers to Don & Patty.  Don is having brain surgery and he
will need all our prayers.  Patty will need our support. 
Aziz was on a zoom call with the Everett/Mukilteo club.