What a great meeting to start off our 2020 Vision -  Happy New Year everyone !!!!  I am guessing at what the photos were that Yvonne took as I have no notes.  See if I am correct ;o)
President Cleone presented this fine group of Gentlemen accolades for all the work they did for our Legacy Project.  They received the recognition for their vision and the work they have done to make our community an even better place to live. 
Glen - Seniors proposal
Mike - IOCO land proposal
David - YMCA proposal
Mike - managing the Legacy process
Paul had the 1st presentation at CABE  and he received a Paul Harris plus 1 for his contributions.
Great to see Jason back after a busy few months.  Always great to see his smile and enthusiasm.
We are so happy to have Aziz now a member of our Rotary Club.  Aziz and family have moved to Port Moody and we welcome him and the knowledge he has of Rotary.
Steve announced he is running in the Diabetes run again this year and would like our support.  He also brought Lexie and now we are not only the 'hugging club' but the 'doggy club'  
Guest speaker is fellow Rotarian Navid - Sorry Navid I am sure your talk was amazing but I have no idea what it was about.....lol. 
They are all clapping so I bet it was for Navid.....  oh and Gayle is in a different chair.....
Gary is checking his stocks
Michael is just looking cool and so is Mike behind him....Coreen is wondering what they are doing....
PUB night at the Legion.
Look out the Rotarians were there and they made out like bandits on the 'meat draw'.
Alan S. won the big one, Michael one 2 and John one 1......way to go and support the Legion.
Everyone please keep Ann and Vida in your thoughts and prayers......