Don't forget your VALENTINE.......
President Meghan's thought for the week.
Jeannie's photo from Oregon Coast
Stephanie Plourde was at our Zoom meeting and was 'checking us out'. Stephanie is interested in Rotary and reached out to our Club.  Welcome Stephanie
Guest Speakers were from Coquitlam Search & Rescue .....
Helena Michelis and Thomas Zajac
We are so lucky to have SAR based in our Tri-Cities Community
Such a beautiful Sunrise
Rotary Gives a Ham....Do YOU?
It's all coming together !!!
Thank you to Alistair for creating the poster and the scheduling, to Claire for the Social Media, to Michael for the finances, and of course to the 'team' that Cleone headed up to get this going.  Well done everyone......
There is more detailed information on the event's webpage.
A 101 Year Old Vet's Wish Granted
On February 3rd, I watched with tears in my eyes as Scott Wood, a piper, rushed home from work so he could play the pipes for a 101 year old World War II vet at Eagle Ridge Manor.  The resident was tapping his toes and fingers as he told his daughter that he could hear the pipes and that he was very happy.
Lori Carlisle, the recreational therapist with a giant heart, makes magic happen for those in her care. I had asked what Rotary could do to help and she mentioned that this resident would love to hear someone play the bagpipes. The Rotary network came through with Meghan Lahti calling Scott. He just said it would be his honour and rushed home from work to make a happy memory for the vet, his family,  Scott. Lori and whoever hears the story.
Cleone Todgham
None of us are going out much these days, so we are all cooking !!! We have lots of 'foodies' in our Club and some amazing 'Chefs', so I thought it would be great if we shared some recipes.  
I don't know about you, but I tend to cook the same thing over and over so I thought if we shared recipes we would all have something new to 'cook'.
SO, please send me your recipes, and I will post them on our Club Runner page under 'recipes'.....
I hope lots of you will participate and our families will look forward to new meals.
Thank you.
Linda xo