Port Moody Rotary Club  and Friends To The Rescue!
The Rotary Club of Port Moody produced 300 hand-made Olson face masks for Coast Mental Health for their staff and clients.
Darrell Burnham, CEO of Coast Mental Health stated his need for personal protection for his staff and clients at his Rotary meeting on March 25th. Luckily Vida Peterson, Rotarian, professional seamstress and past president of “Days for Girls” Canada had the skills, connections and resources to act.
She chose the Olson cotton mask which has a pocket in it for a filter and a nose bridge. It helps provide some protection for others as well as for the wearer from the Covid Virus. 
A cottage industry of 30+ Rotarians and volunteers washed, cut, sewed, inserted stiffeners, shopped, ect.   A  special thanks goes to Yolanda Broderick  and all her friends who are volunteering with gusto!
To help volunteer email: pmpresident@gmail.com .  
Remember not to touch the masks when they are on and to treat used masks as if they are contaminated.  Continue social distancing and washing your hands. 
Note: We are not taking requests for masks.  
Stay safe!
Cleone Todgham
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Coast Mental Health is supporting thousands of people with Mental Illness and Substance use disorders in over 50 sites across the Lower Mainland.  Most of these clients have underlying health conditions would make them extremely susceptible to adverse reactions to Covid-19.   These masks will protect staff and residents from disease transmission.   #spreadcouragenotfear @coastmentalhealth  
We committed to 700 masks and we are almost half way done. We want to do one for everyone in the club with the RIBFEST bandanas, thanks to Linda's idea. We have other request from the hospital, seniors club etc. But I will send some articles and pictures when we are different stages. First we will finish with Darrell's project. We have fantastic volunteers!
Thank you everyone.....Cleone