Meghan Lahti was our guest President this week
What a great meeting !!! Coreen who is our Community Service Chair did an outstanding job explaining all of the Community Service events that we do and do we do A LOT!!!
This is Coreen's summary:
Coreen gave a presentation on Community service with three goals in mind: 1) inform new members of what community service projects the club does 2) confirm interest and a lead for ongoing projects and 3) identify any new potential projects.  Successful projects have three criteria:  community need, club member interest/passion and club member and partner capacity.  Our club has four primary focus areas 1) building community, 2) youth leadership 3) senior engagement and quality of life and 4) enhancing our natural environment.  Ongoing Activities which happen monthly or seasonally were presented.  All the activities were confirmed and the lead for the Heritage Mountain Cleanup was changed to Alan Schmelzel.  While Gayle Carter will remain the lead for the Little Library, Mike Clay has agreed to take the lead in the refinishing project.  Our Annual projects were also presented, Kay was pleased to find that she has a venue in Vida’s building for her Chess/Games Night.  Coreen has agreed to lead the Terry Fox Run registration.  We still need to find a liaison for Eagle Ridge Manor to work with Lori and we need a lead for the Interior Christmas Manor Decorating.  These will be revisited at the September meeting as we head into the busy Christmas Holiday season.  As for new projects, a summer time BBQ for Innervisions is being proposed to the Board.
Guests this week were:  Frank Marchand.  Frank has been proposed as a new member of our Club.  We are looking forward to inducting him.
Alan's guest Byron Harper
George Balzer
Andy Berrisford
Coreen explaining all the events that we do and asking for 'leads' for some of them.
Alan reminding us to use our THRIFTY'S COMMUNITY CARD when buying groceries.  We get 5% back of all you
We would like to Thank Share for giving us some Children's books for our Little Library.
Also we now have a 'construction team', with Michael and Andy Berrisford and Ian who will re-stain our Little Library and spruce it up !!!  As you can see, it is in bad need of repair....
Thank you so much.

  1. No Birthdays or anniversaries. - oops we need new members for we have a Birthday to celebrate ;o)

  2. February 26th there will be a “new members” social. More to come

  3. February 12th meeting we will have a Legacy Project Reveal. Hope to see everyone there.

  4. Belize trip will happen April 14-22. First ½ working with the Rotary project and second half tourist/exploring time


Guest Speaker: Coreen Beresford speaking on Club Service 2020/2021

  1. Successful projects need Club interest, Club involvement and a champion

  2. Building the community

  3. Summer Sundays (Danne, George and Linda), 


  5. Heritage BLVD cleanup (monthly),  Alan will be the Lead now....Thanks to Darrel for all the time he has given

  6. Pie Day at Manor (Danne 4th Friday each Month), 

  7. Reading at the Manor (1st/3rd Monday each month Peter and Kerry)

  8. Little Library (Gayle keeps full and Mike C., Ian, Michael B. to refurbish) 

  9. RIPS Bill and Brian W.

  10.  Terry Fox Run Mike Clay runs the Port Moody Run and Coreen will lead the 'volunteers' again this year.

  11.  Eagle Ridge Manor Outside Christmas decorating-Peter and his team,   Looking for a leader for the inside decorating team

  12.  Manor Christmas Party 

  13.  Christmas Train (now doing Hot Chocolate only inside and outside) Peter  and his team 

  14.  Inner Visions Chili Lunch Linda and Gayle. (exploring a BBQ lunch for summer as well this year)

  15.  November 11th Wreath laying (Club President plus members)

  16.  Games nights being planned this year Kay ++

  17.  New ideas based on member’s passions

  18. ****Committee will conduct a “Community Needs Assessment” to identify projects that would fit our vision