Posted by Glen Brown on Oct 17, 2019

RIBFEST City Council Submission


Ian and Alan (supported by a strong and good looking contingent of club members) made a submission to the Port Moody City Council Committee of the Whole.  All council members present expressed the view that RIBFESTwas a very positive community event which they supported.  Council agreed to review our request for a renewed (continuing) agreement for the city to assist with items such as the use of Rocky Point Park, policing, and garbage removal.


International Committee Meeting


The International Committee met October 8 and reviewed all of international plans and commitments.

  • We anticipate a total budget of $35K in available funds for international work this year. 
  • Good progress reported by Ian on the Ecuador Global Grant.  A mid project review has been completed with good results.  Work continues in Equador with surgical missions and education. 
  • With a $3000 contribution from the club to Days for Girls, another shipment of supplies has been sent to Africa.
  • Belize update - Global grant ready to submit, pending submission of required MOU’s from the Belize club.  - Funding in place for a total budget of about 89K US - 7 International clubs are participating, 1 host club in Belize.  A training and planning session is scheduled for our Club on November 23 – intended for anyone interested in travelling to Belize or otherwise supporting this project.
  • The committee recommends $3K Funding for South Africa NTSIKA project – this is part of a global grant to install and renovate toilets and sanitation systems in a school.  Work is coordinated by the Grahamstown Rotary Club. If approved by the board Michael B will present our $3K to the host club when he travels to South Africa later this month.
  • A funding request for a Nicaragua Medical education project, (global grant, Calgary Rotary).   The Calgary club have supported our Ecuador project and are requesting we support their project.  Voted to sequester these funds $7K until next year when they will likely be needed. 
  • Cleone updated on Kenya - Planning to send more books and computers to Kenya, cost zero, piggy backing on another RWH container - Will look at other potential short-term projects 
  • Glen updated us on his trip to Kenya, visiting and reviewing a Global Grant initiative by the Sechelt Rotary Club.  Glen was particularly impressed with the work of  - and NGO supporting education in rural Kenya.   Glen and Cleone will be meeting as a follow to identify possible connections between these Kenyan initiatives.



Rotary Learning Institute (Parts 1, II and III)

RLI provides an opportunity to enrich Rotary learning through sharing experiences and ideas with other Rotarians throughout our District. RLI is provided in 3 levels. Information gained at RLI will greatly enhance your Rotary journey.   Sign up on the District 5050 website.  Training will take place:

Nov 02, 2019 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Sunrise Banquet & Conference Centre

5640 188th Street

Surrey, BC        


District Foundation Dinner

Several club members will be attending the Foundation Dinner in Abbotsford.  More are welcome.  Dan Gallant is driving and may have extra room for a passenger.

Nov 15, 2019 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Quality Hotel & Conference Centre

36035 N Parallel Road

Abbotsford, BC    

Guest Speaker:

Rotarian Lee Harman, Peking to Paris.

The story of how Lee, Bill & Miss Vicky Crossed the Finish Line.

Cost: $60 CDN

No Host Bar 5:30PM  Full Buffet Dinner 6:30PM

50/50 Draw

Dress: Business (Jacket & Tie)


World Polio Day

World Polio Day will be celebrated on Thursday, 24th October 2019 globally, to generate awareness towards eradication of polio as well as to commemorate the efforts of thousands of employees of WHO and other volunteers committed to the eradication of Polio.

The Coquitlam Sunrise Club is holding a breakfast meeting on October 22th at the Poirer Rec. Centre.  ICBC will be there to inform everyone on the changes that ICBC have made to our car insurance for this year.  



RSVP $20 includes breakfast, presentation and donation to World Polio Day 24/10. Email: to register.


We will have NO CLUB Meeting on the morning of Wednesday, October 23.  Instead we will have a Club Pub night on the evening of October 23 at the St. James Well.  Burger and Beer with proceeds to End Polio.


Other upcoming dates:

  • October 21 –   Board Meeting
  • October 21 –   Fireside Chat at Cleone’s
  • November 11 - Remembrance Day
  • November 15   Foundation Dinner
  • November 16 – Decorating Manor
  • December 15 – Manor Christmas Party
  • December 17 – Christmas Train
Classification talks are always the BEST meetings.  Thank you Anthony for your great presentation.  It is always so good to get to know our fellows Rotarians better and we are lucky to have you in our Rotary Club.



Classification Talk – Anthony Sandler

The club was able to get to know Anthony much better.

Anthony hails from Ontario, moving to Port Moody two years ago as his wife, Katy, wanted to return to her roots in the lower mainland.  Anthony met Katy in Toronto in 2008, they were married in 2011, and have a 4-year-old son, Matt.


Anthony spoke about his deep roots in music and in investment management.  His Grandmother, Ruth Lowe, is a renowned songwriter.  After the death of her first husband she wrote the song "I'll Never Smile Again", first heard on the CBC.  Ruth passed a copy of the tune to a saxophone player in the Tommy Dorsey band. Dorsey thought the tune had much merit, and arranged it for his very young singer, Frank Sinatra. It was Sinatra's first hit, and launched Sinatra on his phenomenal career. Later she wrote the lyrics for still another Frank Sinatra hit, Put Your Dreams Away.  (Frank's 'signature' song, which was also played at his funeral).

Anthony’s paternal grandfather, Nat Sandler, was the first Jewish Canadian with a seat on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Father, Stephen Sandler, had a near 50-year career as one of Canada most successful Investment Advisors.

Anthony has pursued music and investment management/wealth management as his vocation.  He has a degree in music from McGill University, played in a band for 25 years, recorded and album and briefly owned a recording studio.   Eventually, he came to work with father and brother in the Wealth Management business.  He now works as an independent dealer with Mackie Research in Vancouver.

Anthony was motivated to join Rotary through the life of another Grandfather, Ed Jackson.  Ed was a long-time member of the Vancouver Fire Department and a Shriner.  He devoted his life to community service which was a source of inspiration to Anthony

President Cleone thanked Gary Wiggins for his many years of leadership and support from within the club, and for his big voice and ability to open our meetings and our minds with energy every Wednesday morning.

President Cleone also thanked Claire Lambert for her ongoing support for the club “behind the scenes” and ability to put our club into the public eye with effective media and social media content and strategy.

Alan K talked about Search for the Perfect Pint
Legacy Project - PP Mike

Submission of Legacy Projects ideas is now closed.  The committee will now review.  Mike P. anticipates that an overview on each idea will be provided to the club between now and Christmas.

Guess what?  PP Pete is starting the Hockey Pool

Hockey Pool

Peter encouraged everyone to participate in the hockey pool.  He provided some advice for picking players – but agreed that it may, in fact not help you at all.  Do your best and have fun. See his email for further instructions.

Guess who and where?