Posted by Cleone Todgham on Nov 18, 2019
Rotary Christmas Magic at the Manor
The Manor magically transformed into bright Christmassy warmth. 
The building and grounds were wrapped in twinkling lights. Peter, Danne, Al K., John, Ian, Dan G., Alan S. and Mike C. were balancing on stepladders, reaching, bending, carting around lights, dealing with getting more lights, and the power going out…. and all of it in the rain!  Thanks Peter for leading the team and getting everything organized. 
Inside the ceiling, hallways, nurses’ counters, entrance way, and foyer burst into colours, sparkles, snowflakes and Christmassy cheer. 
The Interactors were everywhere. They hung wreaths in the hallways with Brian D., giant snowflakes in the windows, and little snowflakes on the pillars. A highlight was watching 4-year old, Maddy, with his dad, Anthony. He had the biggest grin as he helped his dad and Cheryl Crowther decorate the main dining hall tree. Jeannie put a perfectionist touch to it with her granddaughter, Mia, on the lobby tree. Hopefully, Gladys will forgive me for stealing her swag from the entrance way. She did a great job on the sitting room as well. Lisa K. got not one but two trees decorated and they looked so pretty. Brian W. and my cousins, Janine and Dave, added giant snowflakes and a couple of garlands in the dining room. It looked spectacular!
Lorie, her assistant, and hospital volunteers did so much that we finished by noon and had a wonderful lunch together. 
The Manor sparkles with Rotary Christmas Magic once again!
Thank You Everyone! YAY Team!