Yes it is DECEMBER !!!  Enjoy each day !!!
Oh my gosh, we are only meeting by Zoom, but so much being done by the Rotary Club of Port Moody!!!
AG & Past President Al said:

What a great feeling to wrap up today on a number of fronts.
I'm sure we all feel relieved to have delivered our modules... 
We are also, I'm sure, are very proud of what we achieved this week in moving this project forward.

Not that we get to rest for too long.

We start with Module 1 on December 3rd 7AM PST. The other modules are too follow about a week apart. The schedule to be discussed
with the school after Module 1.

Some notes and thoughts on the school, we will be updating this to everyone after Module 1 delivery. As we will learn more then.

This primary Catholic school is in a very poor area of Belize City. The students struggle to achieve anything past a grade 4 education.

Thank you to Al & Glen, Claire & Meghan, Brian & Micheal, Ian & Trish for all the hard work you have done, to help make Belize a better place to live.  
Who's who?  Past President Mike or Prospective Member Alistair?
More Snowflakes from Trish
Nothing keeps our Rotary Club of Port Moody from helping Eagle Ridge Manor
Here are the guys putting up lights on the outside of the Manor.
Thanks to Peter, Dan, Danne, Bill, Ian, & Dave
Also thanks to Canadian Tire for the lights and CMJ [Dave Thorpe] for bringing the ladders.
Peter wrote:
What a treat to-day, to actually see each other face to face! Albeit keeping our distance and wearing masks.
Man, I am sure we have all missed this interaction with each was GREAT!
Thanks to:-
PETER CUTHBERT for leading the team again this year.
Thanks to Dave Stone for donating $50:00 to new lights
Thanks to Paul for getting us coffee
Thanks to Ian + Paul for picking-up even more lights!
Thanks that it wasn't raining!
Once again thanks to Dave Thorpe ( Foreman of CMJ Sheet Metal Ltd) for delivering
   and picking up the ladders in his own time.
Correen, Cleone, Sue, Jeannie, Kerry and other volunteers for installing the loads of beautiful SnowFlakes on the windows of the the Manor's denizens.............I am sure Coreen will up-date  you all on their  progress.
Check out the photo album for more photos.  Thank you to Jeannie, Dave & Glen for the photos.(2020 Eagle Ridge Manor Decorating)
CABE project:  Lead by Paul & Claire.....
Claire has put this out to the community.....See if you can help too......
Currently we are working on a project that is for Teens who are staying in school while couch surfing for various reasons. They are recognized and we know a little about them via profile but obviously due to privacy just a bit broad...(school district 43 kids)
We are looking help these AMAZING Youth by kitting them out with backpacks, luggage and other things to just encourage them to keep going, stay in school and achieve greatness.
We could use some more jackets and shoes (various sizes - that teens would like to have and wear)
We really need to get toiletry kits made, some roller bags (costco $40 each), socks, skivvies (or gift cards for this). Another thing would be sleeping bags of their own.
The goal is for 15 complete sets. (A few more boys than girls)
If there is any extra we assure they will be going to kids coming out of foster care to get them rolling with some dignity.  
If you wish to help, send me a note on here or my email is:
Cash (to purchase these things), gift cards and toiletry bags would be the primary ask. Gently used coats and shoes for teens would be awesome too.