President Meghan's thought for the week.
Jeannie's photo this week - Sunset in Port Moody
Dr. Jim Lane - visiting Rotarian from the Coquitlam Club 
Jim came to tell us of their fundraising event.
Rotary Rush......
Thank you to Glen who saw this on FB......We all remember Past President Nick.
President Meghan spoke to us about her trek on the Camino......So interesting and beautiful. We knew she had determination, but this was amazing.!!!!!
This is where Meghan walked......for over a 'MONTH'.
The different routes you can take..
The sign you look for to make sure you are on the correct route.
The people you meet along the way.......friends and strangers who become friends.
Thank you for sharing your experience and I think you have motivated some to take their own Trek.....
Rotary Gives a Ham foodraiser was this past weekend.  Thank you to everyone who bought hams.  Photo album is at the bottom of the Spike.
This is a FB write up from one of our past outgoing Exchange Student's MOM who is always a great supporter of our Rotary Club.  Thank you Cathy.
Cathy wrote:
Heading home with our package from the “Port Moody Rotary Gives a Ham” promotion. Our purchased package includes a Chilliwack ham, cranberry mustard from Fort Langley, tulips from Langley, a pumpkin pie from Thrifty’s and chocolates ... best of all the promotion allowed Rotary to contribute a large donation to our local food bank. ♥️ No one takes care of logistics better than Rotary volunteers ... this was one smooth process! Tomorrow I’ll make scalloped potatoes and roasted vegetables for a great Easter dinner.
AND looks like Glen's family received their Ham package too !!!!  Such beautiful children !!!
WAYS to make $$$ for our CLUB....
Port Moody Liquor Store - ask for your purchase to go to the Port Moody ROTARY CLUB
Take your bottles to RETURN-IT with 6047899849 on the bag and our Club will get the credit
Fundscrip - Sign up and save money on all purchases at supporting stores
Remember to sign up for Fundscrip to start ordering gift cards for all your gift card needs! 
You may be planning to give gift card for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, etc. Or you might have regular everyday purchases like groceries and gas that you could pay for with gift cards. Someone just mentioned to me that they are planning some big gardening projects - pay at Canadian Tire or Home Depot with gift cards and get some money back for the club! 
Use this link to register as a supporter of our club, and all your purchases will automatically send proceeds back to the club. 
You may have some questions about how to register or the ordering process; please send me an email and I'm happy to help while we all get comfortable with this process!!! 
Mark this  Saturday April 10th on your calendar to help clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  Everyone meet at Gallaghers in Newport Village at 9:00AM.
Thank you to Alan for once again organizing this.  Cleaning up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. is a great way to get out and get some fresh air, and show the Community that our Rotary Club cares.....