For some of us COVID has escalated binge viewing to new heights.  We started a few years ago with Netflix, added Amazon Prime and maybe Disney Plus.  For the most part this switch to "streaming" has rendered your classic and pretty comprehensive DVD collection obsolete.
When we toured the Belize Prison we learned that the primary means of "entertainment" in the prison was the use of small portable DVD players and a small library of DVD movies that circulate in prison.  Inmates do not have access to TV in their cells, and don't have access to cable television.
As part of the Belize project we will be sending a container to Belize in September.  It will contain the educational supplies for our project, as well as medical and other supplies collected with the assistance of Rotary World Help.
We would like to place a collection of used DVD movies on board as well.
If your DVD collection is gathering dust, or if somehow you ended up with two copies of "Forest Gump" I'd be happy to take them off your hands.  Please get in touch with me and I'll make arrangements to "safely" pick them up.  Please ask your friends and neighbours too.
Last weeks speaker:  
Steve Rutledge  -Adopt A Village in Laos

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Steve anytime and feel free to forward his contact information.  Meanwhile, here is a link to the youtube video that he presented last week.

Campers:  Steve & Lauralea
We have arrived at our new pad for the next two weeks.  Awesome summer weather with great views of the lake and lots of privacy with our campsite.

This is a fun event where each Team/Car will be given a Task/Route Sheet where you will have to solve various clues.
At various check stops each Team/Car will draw a playing card until you have a poker hand.
Ist Prize --------The Best Poker hand
2nd Prize-------The most points
3rd Prize--------The lowest mileage/klms
We will all meet at Rocky Point Park at our Rotary Tent
This event is ideal for respecting Covid-19 guidelines
DATE :                 SEPT 5th. Saturday
START TIME:      12:00PM.   (All cars/teams away by 1:00pm)
TEAMS/CARS:     2-4 people
COST:                     $5:00 per person.
Please get back to Peter by Aug 17th 2020
You will have a good time!
Most people are!!!
SHARE and Blueberries
SHARE was very happy to receive 45lbs of organic blue berries for their clients from our club today (Aug 4th).
The sun was shining, the berries were being popped into the bucket and into the mouths, and Gladys was thrilled at being in Blueberry Heaven (apparently we have bigger bushes than in Newfoundland). 
It was a GREAT morning!
Thank you sooooo much to Jas Thiara for letting us glean their organic blue berries from their family farm on 431 A Prairie Ave to give to the SHARE food bank.
Thank you so much to  Ava ( Jeannie's grand daughter& the picker of berries, bringer of drinks and berry collector), Jeannie, Gladys, Brian W., Bill, and Maureen Crocket (of Martini Mama Fame) & Cleone for your being official Blue Berry Gleaners.
Sorry this was short notice. It was an opportunistic event and one that  could be repeated in the future if we have pickers. 
Vida and Cleone
Trish & Ian:  Here are a few photos of the Allan Block wall we built in the back yard. I say we, but Ian really did most of the work. A lot of very heavy lifting. Now the fun starts. Next we will be leveling the yard and putting in a lawn. 
Patty & Don have a new edition to their family.  Angie 
Terry picking Blackberries