Posted by Bill Lawrie on Oct 31, 2019

Meeting was chaired by P.P. Alan Schmelzel

GUESTS: Navid Morewaj (member of a Vancouver Club but has a number of businesses in our area so will be visiting us often), Julie Knisley from Soroptimists (Julie will co-chair volunteers for RIBFEST) and Greg Garrison from Coquitlam Sunrise)


  1. RLI was Saturday Nov. 2nd
  2. Foundation Dinner Friday November 15th
  3.  Lots of Volunteers needed for Manor decorating Saturday November 16th   
  2. Belize planning meeting with some training for educational software. Glen will chair. Will use meeting room at Claire’s building.
  3. November 22nd, - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - Sign up with Gary
  4. November 25th Legacy grant discussion.

PP Al Stjernegaard led the meeting with a recap of RIBFEST 2019. 

This year will be our most successful RIBFEST so far. BIG thanks to Mike Clay for bringing in more sponsorships than ever before.

Our Community contributions grew again, over 100k. and 100% will be used by Rotary to invest back into the community.

2020 will be the first time our “Big 3” (Al S., Alan S. and Ian) will not be serving as co-chairs. Some big successes this year:

  1. VIP was successful
  2. POG sales were up
  3. We served more beer and wine/cider than in previous years
  4. 5,293 hours of volunteer hours
  5. 3,033 Rib Valet orders (Note many of the orders involved multi meals)
  6. FACEBOOK records that we reached 312,000 people. Well done Claire.

We need to continue to focus on:

  1. Ways to reduce expenses
  2. Focus on Revenue
  3. Reduce volunteer expenses
  4. Simplify the event

Discussion Points for this year’s organizers are many and a meeting will be set up soon 

A number of our members have stepped up to take on oversight for 2020’s event—David, Meghan, Michael B., Mike Clay, and Ian will serve as a steering committee.  We are still looking for area managers to confirm  if they will stay on to do the same areas as they looked after this year.

Thanks to everyone for work done over the past 5 years and for your future volunteering.