A new week with new possibilities 
Meeting guests:
Cisco Woods - Rotary Club of Belize 

I am so proud to be able to introduce you to a man that both George and I have great respect for.

Francis Woods is his birth name but we met him at a Rotary meeting in Belize City nearly a decade ago as CISCO and I’m proud to say he and his wife Jacky have become very good friends of ours.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Cisco Construction Company and founder of the Old Belize recreation center, located on the outskirts of Belize City.

Under Cisco’s leadership, Cisco Construction has evolved into a responsible corporate citizen, offering humanitarian social services to and within communities where the company has worked. In fact, at the locations where its projects are based, the company provides employment for Belizean residents and also provides valuable assistance to nearby villages.

He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Kolbe Foundation, which seeks to successfully rehabilitate and integrate individuals, who have come in conflict with the law, back into society. Through his company, Cisco and Kolbe established a program which offers employment to rehabilitated persons as an opportunity to transform their lives and become productive citizens.  It is through Cisco that we as a Club have put together with other clubs in our Global Grant.  Glen and Al have worked very hard to make this possible and Cisco has been instrumental with helping us put this together.  This GG will have 7 or 8 of our members going to Belize and seeing first hand what this amazing man is capable of in the country of Belize. 

Marc Snow - AG 5500 and PP of Rotary Club of Oro Valley
Rick Chimblo - Rotary Club of Oro Valley
Kristina Murray - Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation 
Aultrust Financial + Rotary =  Tilt/Comode Chair for Manor Residents 
A Rotarian and managing partner of Aultrust, called to see how the $5,000 they wanted to donate for RIBFEST could best serve Port Moody. We had received a request from the Eagleridge Hospital Foundation that the tilt/comode chair would help ensure dignity and safety of the Eagle Ridge Manor residents. The chair cost $6,181.28. With our major fundraisers cancelled, Aultrust's donation was a perfect complement!
Kristina Murray, from the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, was able to attend our virtual May 20th meeting and accept the cheque with a smile on behalf of the residents of Eagle Ridge Manor at a time when the residents are facing Covid challenges. 
Rotary helping people help people!
Claire:  We can always count on Claire being out first thing in the morning for a hike.
New View Society gets Rotary Masks!
Donna, the Manager, employment for the New View Society accepts our donation of 50 cloth masks with a smile! Their slogan is "Community Health Through Mental Health". Port Moody Rotary Club is happy to inspire them to smile at a time when the Covid Virus is creating so much stress for this vulnerable population.
There is a Gnome in the woods - oh no, it's President Cleone
Pads Denim is a Poppa!   Here is a photo of the Helicopter Litter.  The Mom is Pads Reece.   Unfortunately Denim looks to be a deadbeat Dad, no interest at all in parenting responsibilities and disputes whether the puppies are his .... but the DNA didn't lie!! 
Dave photo of Crystal Falls
Peter is collecting for the Auction........What have you found to help out.  Please call Meghan if you have a bottle of wine to donate.
AG Al & Kathy really need to get 'out'
Kathy and I have been visiting with the couple in the window 😃

Ian & Trish :Bit by bit we are adding to our house...this painting by my cousin Don in SA...little bit of my family story..pretty excited to put it up!
Such a beautiful piece of art and keepsake.  Beautiful Trish & Ian...
Bob & Gayle:  More of Bert Flinn magic....
This young couple go out hiking everyday.....
Alan K has been busy !!!
A little gardening and landscaping a stone path and mulched a new sitting area. Whew...
 David & Jen
Jen and I out for a walk today on our 23rd Anniversary with our puppy Camper.