It is always a great day in Rotary when we induct a new member.  We inducted Trish MacPhail who was already a Rotarian in her heart.  It was wonderful to hear her husband PP Ian praise her for all the good she has done for their business and for our Community.  He is a very proud husband.....  We are so lucky to have Trish in the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Welcome and hugs to follow......
Guest Speaker this week - Vanessa Wideski - Low Entropy
Thank you to Vanessa Wideski for a very inspirational talk this morning.  Vanessa was our guest speaker and gave a 'real life' accounting of her life and how we can all make the World a Better Place, by changing ourselves first.  Vanessa is with Low Entrophy......
A New Approach to Changing Our World
For as long as anyone can remember people have been trying to change the world. They have seen numerous problems they want to solve. They want to create safer places for people to live. They want a better future for their children. It’s a tale as old as time. 
But despite all these efforts, have we really made the progress we so desire? 

Looking at the past and the multitude of ways that people have tried to reduce chaos in the world, there’s been something missing in their approach. So many of these approaches rely on changing culture, changing groups of people, changing societies. What they are missing is starting at the level of personal change. 

We believe changing the world starts with changing ourselves. Since our founding, Low Entropy has been equipping people with tools for transformational self-change. As people go through personal change, it has a ripple effect out into their communities and the world. Our intention is to inspire people towards personal growth. This is how the world will change for the better.

Remember when you wanted the weekend to last forever?  Happy now?
I'm sure no one in our Rotary Club is just sitting around.  Get out and get some fresh air.  So good for you.
6:30am walk at the seawall in Vancouver - Claire and family
As a Mom of a Dancer - this is perfect.
PP Ian and Trish .....Lots to do in the far we’ve removed about a dozen stumps, a ton of ragged bush...
All so we can plant those beautiful granite rocks...should grow nicely -:)
Maybe add a small maple tree or two ??
Glen & Marcia :  Visiting hours
Checking in on the Poco club
Wash and wax the RV
Wash and wax the bike
Support the BC wine industry 
Hope all is well, miss you guys 🤗
PP Mike working from home......He really is a great lawyer:  BTM Lawyers LLP

Prez Cleone dropping off mask materials

Working from home. With my tablet for video conferencing, and all my supplies. 
Cheers. David
Glen posted this:  Made me laugh out loud

As part of our physical distancing effort folks have recommended to us that only one person do the shopping. ( I guess it eases congestion in the grocery stores.)

I thought I would take that on. Who knew it was going to be such a perilous experience, shopping by myself with another persons list. Honestly, I think I have good reasons for not getting things exactly right...

- this brand was on sale
- Is there really a difference between regular and vanilla?
- When you think about it, isn't everything organic?
- but the airmile bonus on ice cream was awesome
- I was pretty sure that 100g meant the large size
- I had to buy 6 to get the sale price
- I have no idea where the list went
- my cell phone doesn't work in Safeway, so no I didn't get the text

Gayle asks.....Michael made sure it happened.  Thank you Michael 


Please think about Yvonne as she goes through her surgery on Wednesday.  We are 100% behind you Yvonne.....You can beat this GIRL!!!!


No words needed