Getting fresh air in our great Community Bert Flinn Park
Rock came from where?
The Mistletoe Tree
Steve:  Our science lesson:
Working with my mason bees, they’ve filled 17 tubes over the past 10 days.
The mason bees are very effective pollinators!!! Just a couple or 3 females can pollinate a mature apple tree.  They will also work on cool and rainy weather days whereas the honey bee are more likely to take the day off. The females also lay larvae. In between each larvae they seal it in with a mud wall and do this until the tube is filled.  They can have sometimes 5-7 larvae in each tube. However there are fly larvae that try to get into the tubes and then over the fall and winter feed off of the bee larvae so by spring you could only have 1/4-1/3 larvae remaining.  That’s why in October you’re supposed to take the larvae out of the tubes and clean them and put them into an incubator and store them in the fridge until spring.    
Great Zoom meeting on the 22nd.  Thanks to Frank for setting it up.  We had 30 of our members on Zoom.
Thanks to Aziz for the photo

Danne and Kerry joining the parade to Eagle Ridge Hospital

President Cleone sent this
Just a short note to let everyone know that all went well and I am at home.

love you all
Just a short note to say thanks for the lovely  flowers, love and support
I am feeling much better

Yvonne in hospital and a thank you for the flowers that our Rotary Club of Port Moody sent to her.
Paul we are all thinking about you.  We are so sorry for the loss of your Mom xoxoxo
Paul wrote:

More than seven decades together, my mom and dad are the real deal. Last night we said 'see you later' to my mom. My dad and sister Sara were there, and were courageous, and loving and simply magnificent. The rest of us kids got to say 'goodnight and we love you' by phone. Thanks mommy for loving daddy so fiercely and all of us so tenderly. Thanks for all you gave to community. You will always be in our hearts.

Guess Who's Calling for Dinner?
It was a fun night and was made extra special having past president Trudy with us.
An avocado has 234 calories. A mimosas has 144. Choose wisely 🥂
ClaireStanley Park Seawall 
WOW we have good people in our Rotary Club .....and in our Community
Thank you Jason Lyne for sharing what the Port Moody Old Timers Hockey Club did for SHARE.
This is the letter they all received.
WOW!!!! Just passing along our complete amazement at the generous and giving nature of the PMOHA brotherhood!
We have just gone over $7,000 donated to the Share Food Bank this month! This is SO HUGE and reflects so well on us as a group here in the community!
With so many of you able to give in the way that you have, we want to send out our most sincere THANK YOU!
And of course if there is anyone out there who would still like to contribute, please see the email thread below on how and what to do… We will be tracking this to the end of April. Can we get to $8,000? Maybe even $10,000???
Again, from our Executive team, the Share Food bank, but most importantly, from the people who need this the most right here in our community, THANK YOU!!! What an amazing group.
Your PMOHA Executive Team
We might not be having RIBFEST 2020 but we have RIBFEST masks.
Thank you Trish
Thank you from our Community
My name is Camila from Walton elementary and I am in grade 4.
I would like to thank you for lending me this laptop so I can do my online schooling. It has been a great help for my litter sister and I.
We received the computer through our great friend Karen.
It’s very kind of you to lend this to me and my sister.