Yes I finally did it!!!  After all those years of getting away without doing my 'talk'.  
This week we will hear about another long time member of or Rotary Club.
There is lots going on for the Rotary Club of Port Moody this fall. I can't believe I said 'fall'.
Please join us in these activities.
Innervisions BBQ - September 2nd.  - Thank you to Frank, Bill, Ian, Danne & Navid for volunteering 
Car Rally - September 5th.....Peter has the information
Pig Roast - September 20th - details to follow
RIPS - Dates to be announced
Fundraiser - Surprise
Thanks Navid for the DVD's for Belize
Gary: Went to Saint St. Grill for the installation dinner last night but nobody from the Club was there. So we stayed and had a nice dinner anyway. [don't scare me like that Gary] ;o)
Glen:  I was trying to count some of the DVDs headed for Belize Prison. Have figured that 1 Glen = 100 DVDs. Our container leaves in late September and are still looking to add toiletries and hygiene supplies.
Alan K - riding the trails at Pinecone Burke Provincial Park
Steve & Lauralea - The Campers