This is a brand new month and we will be meeting in person at St. James' Well.  7:00AM.  Those of us that do not feel comfortable yet, please go 'on line' and join in via ZOOM.
Thank you Bill:
August 8th, 2020 - Heritage Mtn. Clean-up
Meet at Gallaghers at 9:00 am
Always a fun time and shows the community we care.  Wear your Rotary Shirts and we meet for coffee after.
Steve: In prepping for our upcoming holiday completed a few items on the honey do list:
New bread board for the trailer to gain counter space over the sink area
Put in a couple of shelves in the cupboards beside the bed
Trailers almost packed and ready to go for pulling out this weekend.  
See you sometime after Sept 15th. 

Have fun you two......
Another one from Bill: can't you just hear him laughing?
Brian's photos in Poco
Never thought this would be sooo much work, but it is DONE!!
1. This is what our bedroom looked like during RENO
Please don't forget to ask for your liquor bill to go to the Rotary Club of Port Moody program.   You will be surprised to hear how much money we have in our account since May 11th, 2020.  WOW !!!!  Also please ask your family and friends to also request that the bill goes to our Rotary Club.  The more the merrier.
Port Moody Liquor Store 
4 – 2929 St. John’s Street 
Port Moody, BC. V3H2C2

Blueberries for SHARE. - 

Who doesn't love fresh blueberries! Vida and I thought some of SHARE's clients would love them as well and so did one of the blueberry farmers. 

So come on out and let's clean up what is left of her field, and then bring them to SHARE on Tues morn. Wed they will be in boxes for SHARE's clients to enjoy.

Tues Aug 2nd - 8:30 am - 10:30 am (or earlier if there are lots of us)

431 A Prairie Ave

Please register or let me know. Thanks!

Bring a bucket and a smile!

Vida and Cleone

PS The short notice is because it was an opportunistic idea at the end of that farm's season. If this pilot works there may be more in the future.