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         Community Grants Policy



Every year, at the August Board meeting, the Board of the Rotary Club of Port Moody will set aside an amount of Club revenues to support potential community requests for funding that may occur in that Rotary year.

A Grants Committee will be struck each year and will include the current President, Community Service Director, any interested Past President and one member-at-large from the Club.

Allocations will be made at the end of MAY & SEPTEMBER  in that Rotary year.  Each submission will be numbered in sequence as they are received.  Submissions will be made following the approved process and using the approved request form.

Projects will be decided based on funds available and will consider the following criteria:

  • Priority will be given to projects that reflect valuable community purpose in Port Moody 
  • All approved funds are to be used only for the purpose outlined in the application. Any variance of use must be approved by the Club prior to the use of the funds.
  • Successful applicants will be required to submit a follow up report to the Club
  • Considerations should be given to the Club’s current community service priorities, including seniors, youth, health care and vulnerable members of the community
  • Consideration should be given to Club member’s being actively involved in the project

Please note, we do not fund:

1)  requests from individuals

2) any salaries

3) any fundraisers

In order to serve our community, we must receive funds and in-kind donations from the general public and businesses.  In turn, the more visibility our club has in our community, the greater the impact he have in continuing to grow our goodwill.  If you are a successful recipient of our grants, you agree in advance to proudly display our Rotary logos and thank us for donation in as much print, photo, website, and social media coverage that you can.  We would also ask that you help volunteer at our various events.  By assisting us in our events and visibility, we in turn hope to increase the assistance we can lend to great organizations such as yourself.

The Committee will review all submissions received by their meeting date and their recommendations will be presented at the Board meeting that follows that Committee meeting.  Spending decisions will be authorized by the Board and reported back to the Club at the following Club meeting and summarized again, in the President’s report, at the next AGM.  Successful applicants may be asked to provide a presentation to the Club at one of our weekly meetings.

See attached Information Sheet/Request Form .

If you are interested please download the following editable PDF document and submit to the grants committee via the supplied email address