The Buzz About Honey Bees
Oct 04, 2017
Chris Coy
The Buzz About Honey Bees

Chris started beekeeping in 2012 to add pollinators into his backyard for improved yields on fruit trees, grapevines, and vegetables in his backyard.  Not only did the honey bees help improve production, but beekeeping opened a fascinating world of how honey bees work, organize their colonies, and affect a third of our food through pollination.  With six hives now in his backyard, he has abundant fruit, vegetables, and honey, and is passionate about educating others about these insects that are a vital part of our food chain.

Chris has lived in Grapevine for 28 years, but was born in Japan and moved to the area when DFW Airport opened.  Chris and fellow Rotarian Traci have been married 21 years, and have three children: Kristen (9th grade at Grapevine High), Peter (7th grade at Cross Timbers Middle), Joshua (5th grade at Heritage Elementary), and three dogs, in addition to about a quarter-million honey bees.  Chris and Traci enjoy travelling, having been to 107 and 87 countries respectively across all seven continents, and spending time with our family.

The yard and landscaping projects are a welcome diversion from Chris’ occupation as Director of Financial Planning & Analysis at GameStop, based here in Grapevine, where he leads the forecasting, budgeting, and various analytical initiatives for the $9 billion company.  Chris also serves as a member of Grapevine’s City Council, currently in his fourth term, and a board member of the Grapevine Colleyville Education Foundation.  He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.  Chris is also an Eagle Scout.