Lisa D. Hansen, Trustee/Chairman of the Board of the Norris Foundation, shared her family experiences and the objectives of the Norris Foundation.  In 1930 Kenneth T. Norris Sr. created the beginnings of Norris Industries with a metal stamping business.  Among other innovations he was the first to create a seamless bullet cartridge and his company became the largest supplier of ammunition to the United States for WWII.  He recognized that the war would not last forever and he prepared for peace and prosperity by acquiring companies that produced items such as sinks, toilets and locks for homes.  Kenneth T. Norris Jr. became President of the company in 1965 and increased the size of the company tenfold.  At its' peak Norris Industries and subsidiaries employed 15,000.  He realized that happy employees were productive so he supplied good benefits and rewards.  When the company was sold in 1980 it was a Fortune 500 Company.

In 1963 the Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation was formed.  In 1972 Kenneth T. Norris Jr. took over as Chairman until his death in 1996 when his wife Harlyne became chairman until she passed the Chairmanship to her daughter Lisa D. Hansen.  There are eight trustees, five of which are family members.  From 1963 to 2001 the Foundation awarded $100 million and net assets at last fiscal year end of Nov. 30 2007 totaled $185 million.

Southern California is the area of focus concentrating on higher education and medicine.  The Norris Foundation has invested in the Midnight Mission, USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Peninsula Education Foundation, Museum of the American West, TreePeople and many others.  

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