Posted on Nov 17, 2017
We deliver the first water filter yesterday to a community school in Caimito. This school serves high risk students, some are hearing impair and others are school dropouts being given a second chance to succeed. There are 240 students and 80 staff members and teachers. The students’ parents will be allowed to come and fill gallons of water to take drinking water home. When we got there a faculty member was in the process of explaining how to use the bucket water filters. The administration and faculty members all send their thanks to the Manhattan Beach Club for your generosity and they look forward to receiving you at their school soon. Three members of the San Juan Rotary Club went with me to deliver the donation, PDG Pepito Rivero and Gerry Cumpiano, Club Disaster Relief committee member. The trip to the mountain finished with me stepping into a fire ants nest and getting lost on our way down because the GPS did not have signal. No electricity up there! We had a good laugh. Overall it was a very gratifying trip.
Once again thank you!!
Juanita Morris