What's in those boxes? New members Harrison Clay, Lawrence Flechner and John Ruanaudo find out.
God Save the Queen
- by Jim Hallett
It was Monday, September 24, 2018, and President Ken Deemer sang along with Larry Johnson and the rest of us after Larry asked us to pray for our country and then led us in “My Country Tis Of  Thee” (set to the tune of “God Save The Queen,” in case you non-Anglophile supporters of the American Revolution missed this fact). (Oh, by the way, Larry is an Anglican--Larry, next time, please save the Queen.)…..Jan Rhees’ guest Kate Bergin of TedX Manhattan Beach invited us to volunteer, or just attend, their November 3 event…..Dave Gendron was here with his dad…..Mark Lipps welcomes volunteers at the Interact Booth at the October 5-7 Hometown Fair…..Tickets are now on sale online for our November 11 VetFest—watch for the email link……Lisa Hemmat-Lupercio has tickets for America’s Funniest Home Videos—more to come with a possible benefit to the Club.
Three New Members
New members abounded in a possible record-setting day.  President Ken, with Membership Chair Dave Long, inducted John Ranaudo, sponsored by Rich MontgomeryHarrison Clay, sponsored by Dave Gendron; and Lawrence Flechner, sponsored by Bruce Greenspon.  (Help us all out at meetings and wear your name badges, both old and new members.)
Dan Quiggle
Richard Montgomery introduced his friend and Manhattan Beach resident, Dan Quiggle, a former President Ronald Reagan assistant (starting in 1989 right after Reagan left the White House) who is now a motivational speaker.  He spoke with huge energy and a rapid pace, loading us up with memorable phrases.  Here are some: 
  1. Nixon was Yes, but, and Reagan was Yes, and.
  2. Write your own story for future success.
  3. Where you come from shapes who you are.
  4. Forget work-life balance and think about work-life presence. (When you're home, be there.)
Lead Like Reagan
Dan also shared with us his book, Lead Like Reagan, with this summary:
  1. Create the vision.
  2. Assemble the team.
  3. Communicate the message.
  4. Build coalitions.
  5. Take action.
  6. Handle crisis.
  7. Change the world.
Emotional Intelligence
Promising not to offer any political stance, he suggested what we all could learn from President Reagan:  emotional intelligence.  He especially highlighted Reagan’s attitude of gratitude, marvelous sense of humor, and action orientation, showing us that the goal is not just to get to the next station in life, but rather to recognize that “the journey is the joy.”
Kitchen Cabinet
Finally, Dan brought all this around to Rotary.  President Reagan was famous for his “Kitchen Cabinet,” an advisory group who approached him with brutal honesty, a shared vision, and a success orientation.  When Dan asked us to think about who our Kitchen Cabinets are, at least one answer came right to the surface:  the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club.