Jul 29, 2019
Alice Kuo
Vaccines and vaping, information you need

Alice lives and works in Manhattan Beach.  Her and her husband have two boys attending Meadows Elementary.  Alice has graciously offered to talk about addressing the issue of teenage vaping and what we're trying to accomplish in Manhattan Beach (Alice is the Chair of the Anti-vaping Task Force for MBUSD) as well as vaccines and the ongoing Measles outbreak.  Alice is amongst many things, the American Academy of Pediatrics SoCal President.  Alice also serves at the mathathletes coach for Meadows, pack leader for Cub Scouts, very active in the local PTA and was a board member of Manhattan Beach Ed. Foundation.    We'll look forward to a very interesting morning's discussion with Alice.   Her job titles are below: 

Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA

Professor and Chief, UCLA Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Director, UCLA Preventive Medicine.