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Welcome to the Amazon Smile Help page.
 - Do you use Amazon often?
 - Do you want Amazon to contribute to the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club?
Here's how it's done ... 
1) Log into your amazon account, as you normally do on your web browser.
2) On another web page, from the Manhattan Beach Rotary Web page, click the "Amazon Smile Banner". It's below the Facebook banner on the left side of the Manhattan Beach Rotary home page. The link with take you to
3) You will see a page that looks like this:
4) Now enter "Manhattan Beach Rotary" into the search box, it will look like this:
5) Now, click the Search button, and your screen will look like the one below:
6) Your final step is to click the "Select" button, see below:
7) Good luck !! Please contact Bob Lanahan if you have any questions.