Speaker Date Topic
John Cross Dec 18, 2019
Malibu Sharks Surf Team
Malibu Sharks Surf Team

The final Malibu Rotary Club meeting of 2019 will be December 18, when the featured speaker at the Malibu Rotary Club meeting will be John Cross Head Coach and President of the Malibu Sharks Surf Team.  John will   accept a check at the Malibu Rotary Club noon meeting at Pepperdine for the Malibu Sharks Surf Team. 


Dr. Wen Chen Jan 08, 2020
Human Rights Movement in China
Anna Kozma Jan 15, 2020
LAX Landside Access Modernization Project
Betty Yee Feb 05, 2020
CA State Controller
CA State Controller

The State Controller of California is the Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. state of California. The post has broader responsibilities and authority than the California State Treasurer. Responsibilities include investigative authority for every dollar spent by the state, and being an ex-officio member of the state's Board of Equalization.

The State Controller is elected to a four-year term but is limited to two terms. The current state controller is Betty Yee (D).  Ms Yee will be the featured speaker at the Malibu Rotary Club noon meeting on on Februry 5, 2020 at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Jerry Edling Feb 19, 2020
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