Apply for a Grant from Rotary
How to apply for a cash grant from the Rotary Club of Gibsons
Before applying for a Grant, there are a few things you should know:
1.  Gibsons Rotary raises money each year, most of which is spent directly by the club on community projects.  We do have a limited budget each year to make grants to other community organizations, and in that way partner with their work.
2.  Rotary will consider grant applications only from bona fide non-profit or charitable organizations.  We do not make grants to for-profit businesses, nor do we make grants to individuals.
3.  Grants are usually in the range $200 up to $2000 max.  If your needs are higher than that, it may be appropriate for Rotary to consider a joint project with your organization.
4.  It is normal for Rotary's contribution to be acknowledged publicly.  This may be simply including our logo in promotional materials, or may involve a permanent Rotary logo at the site of the project.
To start an application click here:    This will take you to a very brief online application form.  You can upload support materials such as budgets, photographs or a fuller description of your organization in PDF, JPEG or other popular file formats by a "drag and drop" process.  You can save your application as a draft and return to it later, or you can submit it straight away. Your application will be acknowledged by e-mail.  If you don't receive an acknowledgement, you have not completed the submit process and we have not received the application.
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Chris Wolfe     604 724 9562