Posted by Chris Mark on May 31, 2017
Carson Gardena Dominguez Rotary awards high school students with scholarship funds!
Read more for details of the scholarship recipients. 
In 1997, the Rotary Club of Carson-Gardena-Dominguez combined efforts with local businesses, educational institutes, and Rotarians to create a youth education program that provides scholarship assistance to Carson and Gardena High School seniors in pursue of higher education.
These scholarships were conceived during the 1996-97 Rotary year when then President Frank De Santis proposed to establish a scholarship endowment as a medium to recognize student achievements and to help defray rising educational costs.  A vigorous fundraising campaign was undertaken by President De Santis, and the endowment has grown over the years due to generous contributions from Rotarians, CSUDH, Tesoro, and Watson Cogeneration Company.  Since the program’s inception, the club has awarded close to $175,000 in scholarship money.
Our 2017 scholarships recipients are:
Rotary/CSUDH Scholarships ($2,500 Each)
Jimmy Martinez – Attending CSUDH in the fall, Jimmy has been an honor achiever at Carson High School in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.  A volleyball player and even team captain in his senior year, he was also awarded “most improved player” in 2015.  Planning to major in computer science/engineering, Jimmy is not afraid of hard work and looks forward to the challenge of becoming independent during his college career.  Jimmy plans on achieving his goals of obtaining a job in that profession and being successful as he defines it.
Michelle Morales – Graduating with a GPA of 3.24 from Carson High School, Michelle plans on majoring in political science and then on to law school, where she plans on eventually being an attorney specializing in human rights.  Her passion for human rights was discovered after joining a club on campus.  Becoming an advocate for those in need, or have been taken advantage of, is what she desires because it is the right thing to do and not only for the money.  Michelle stated that she is excited to have found her “calling” and what makes her eyes light up like Christmas lights.
Czarina Payuran – Wanting to stay close to home, Carson High School senior Czarina will be attending CSUDH in the fall with an initial major in communications.  An active member and leadership holder in Key Club, she also understands the importance of giving back to the community in which she lives.  With a passion for music, Czarina plans on learning to play an instrument while attending college as well as hopefully getting the chance to study abroad.  One of the biggest goals for her is being able to give back to her mom who has worked so hard to support Czarina and her younger siblings.
Rotary/Watson Cogeneration Company ($2,500)
Jennifer Corte - Graduating Gardena High School as the 2017 Class Valedictorian with a 4.157 GPA, Jennifer will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall.  Her declared major at this time is neurobiology.  As a 4-year volleyball player and varsity team captain, she also understands the importance of giving back.  Jennifer was a “peer counselor” and credits this experience as one of the most rewarding in her high school career.   She realized the importance of how one individual can make a difference in their community.
Rotary/Carole Keen Scholarship ($1,000)
Alexis Valadez - Looking forward to attending CSUDH in the fall, majoring in business for the opportunity of a better life is important to Alexis.  She has had the chance to experience a lot of different activities while at Carson High School and plans on using these varied activities to eventually become an entrepreneur/business owner.  Alexis has been awarded “Best Speaker” award at Toastmasters, won a 3rd place medal in cross country, and worked in Tesoro’s summer youth program.  Alexis’s ultimate goal is to make her family (and herself) proud of her.
“They’re great students,” Program Chair Chris Mark says.  “And this is a great show of community support as they begin their college career.  It is Rotary’s hope that these students will better their lives and, eventually, better the community in which they live.
For more information on scholarship through the Rotary Club of Carson-Gardena-Dominguez, contact Christine Mark at (310) 816-8810;