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The Culver City Rotary Club has had a long and proud history of leadership in international service.

Matched Club and Sister City Clubs
Matched club relationships between Culver City Rotary Club, Northcote Rotary Club, Australia and Pune-Pavarti Rotary Club, India and our Sister City Rotary Club in Kaizuka, Japan have created a global network of international goodwill and humanitarian service.  Northcote Rotary Club and Ghatkopar, India, Rotary Club have collaborated on humanitarian service projects in Mexico, the South Pacific, Africa and India.

Student Exchanges
For over 30 years Culver City Rotary has participated in student exchanges as part of the linkage between Culver City Rotary Club and the Rotary clubs of Northcote and Kaizuka. Students are received by the hosting club annually. The hosting has alternated each year between the paired clubs. The students stay in the homes of Rotarians, and travel and learn about the hosts' region. Students representing Culver City Rotary have also participated in the Japanese Exchange Program of District 5280. This winter the club will be hosting two students from Northcote, Australia for a month. Two students from Culver City will travel to Australia for two weeks in the summer of 2013.

Group Study Exchange Program
The Culver City Rotary Club support annual Group Study Exchanges with District 5280 through a hosting of foreign participants and also through sponsoring group members from the local area. ThiIN February 2012, Club President Ann Murakami ws the Rotarian Team Leader for the exchange to India.

Rotary Foundation and International Service
Culver City Rotary Club is one of the top clubs in District 5280 in funding the programs of the Rotary Foundation. The foundation supports a variety of activities, including Ambassadorial Scholarships, the largest scholarship program in the world. Club members have sponsored and hosted many visiting Rotary Foundation Scholars during their stays in Los Angeles.

Polio Corrective Surgery Project 
In cooperation with Rotary clubs in Ghatkopar (Mumbai), Kopergaon and Pune, India, Culver City facilitated surgical operations which restored the ability to walk to over 1,000 victims of polio. This project is a natural follow on to
Rotary International's effort to eradicate Polio.  Culver City Rotary and Pune Parvati obtained a $240,000 3-H Grant to expand this polio corrective surgery project to cover additional thousands of crippled children.

Wheelchair Projects
In August 2005, through the hard work and dedication of the Culver City Rotary Club, hundreds of wheel chairs were sent to Columbia. This was a wonderful achievement and greatly appreciated by the people of Columbia, led by their President, who held a ceremony thanking the members of the Culver City Rotary Club for their commitment and generosity.  Culver City Rotary also participated in the donation of additional wheel chairs to needy recipients in El Salvador.