Our speaker today was Director of the
Amarok Society - Gem Munro.
Mr. Munro shared with us their Motto: "Teach A Mother, Change The World".  Based out of Canada, they are working in Bangladesh to help stop radical Muslims that are funded by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait while ISIS actively recruits uneducated young men.  Bangladesh is a country just a little larger than Pennsylvania with a population of 160 mil.  That is half of the USA's 320 mil.
They teach a mother who must then go home and teach five others.  They must begin by showing them, with a vocabulary of only 500 words, 
how to hold a pencil.  They teach the illiterate English and math in only seven months.  As they gain confidence, life starts to make sense.  Hope springs up as they begin to dream for the first time.  This new-found confidence helps them to get out of the slum and get work or even start a business.