We were able to finish our Rotary Year with a wonderful Grocery Gift Card Project.
With the challenges presented to us all this year, we needed to look for a creative way to help our community.  So...we partnered with the SHRIJI MANDIR & CULTURAL CENTER Food/Drink giving event.  Caring Connections of Bellflower
selected families who were in need of assistance.  We purchased 105 gift grocery cards in the amount of $50.00 from Superior Grocers in Bellflower.  We were able to give those cards with bags of pantry food items as well as cases of drinks to those families.  We also handed out bags with 2020 Census information and forms (so important to bring funds into our communities).  
OH, I almost to mention two important side stories!
This young man came down from Pico Rivera just to volunteer for this event. 
He just loves to volunteer and knows another member of Caring Connections who, by-the-way, are off for the summer and are not being paid.  As I was talking with him, he related that he lives in a small house with eleven others.  Their were two gift cards left over so we shared one with him as well as groceries to take back home.  A small tear conveyed how unexpectedly happy that made him.
For the other card, I called Maria (The Mother we helped with our Christmas Project) to get a ride down to receive the other card and groceries. 
This was just the greatest icing melting on our very warm hearts.