Here we are at our THIRD school pre-screening for Vision To Learn.
We came to Baxter Elementary School today to pre-screen students.
Class by class we checked 291 students, hoping to give them a better chance to succeed.  Nine were absent, 84 will be referred on to Vision To Learn. Caring Connection Case Worker, Armida Luevano,
will be combining our results with the result from the state mandated screenings and sending all that 'failed' a consent forms home to be signed by a parent/guardian.  There were students that never had glasses, had glasses but they were broken, have older glasses and will have the opportunity to get a back-up pair! What a gift.  One student has had the same glasses since he was 5 and he is now 9!  Don't think he has been back to a doctor!  New glasses will be a great improvement for him! Rotary and Vision To Learn - together, giving kids the chance to succeed.
Thank you to our GREAT Volunteer liaison to VTL, Nora MacLellan.
Rotary Club of Bellflower cares enough to give our very best to our children's future.